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Twitter Space: How to Create/Host, Join & Add a Speaker

Social media keep evolving every time we think it can’t get innovated further. There’s no compulsion that it had to be out of a box feature. It can be either inspired by competitive rival apps. For eg, the stories feature was ‘sort of’ copied directly from Snapchat and integrated into Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. The result is a huge success. Recently an audio streaming platform, Clubhouse took the internet community by a storm. It got free publicity from the likes of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg who used the platform. But there’s a catch here. You can only clubhouse if you have an invite. But don’t worry if you don’t have the invite. Twitter recently started a new feature named “Spaces” which is very much similar to the clubhouse. Here is the complete guide on how to start , join & add Twitter Space.

What is Twitter Space:

Twitter recently introduced a new feature called “Spaces”. It’s in the testing state, and only few users are able to use it. The use of this feature is to create an audio group and the invited members can join the discussion. Don’t worry if you are not able to host right now. It will be available to everyone soon. This limitation is only for hosting spaces. Any user with a Twitter account can join the space and participate in the discussion.

twitter space
twitter space

How to start a Twitter Space:

Follow the below steps in order to start a space. Note that this feature is not available to everyone at the moment.

1. Tap on your profile picture ( Not on your profile page. Tap on profile picture on your homepage where you use it add to the fleets. )
2. Scroll right and you will find the Space option.
3. Whenever you are ready to start the Space, tap on “Start your space”. You need to make sure to turn the mic on. It will be off by default.
4. Now you are ready to use the Space.

How to join a  Twitter Space:

Unlike the hosting space feature which is limited to few members, joining a space is available to everyone. Joining a space is an simple task. If anyone from the people you’re following is currently hosting a space, you’ll be able to see it on the top besides the fleets. You need to tap on it and join the space. Once you join the space, if you want to speak you need to request the host to allow you to speak. The host has the control to either allow you or decline your request to speak.

join a twitter space
join a twitter space

How to add a speaker:

Please note the speaker is different to the host. Host is the one who creates the Space while you can add up to 10 speakers to a space. By default, Twitter will provide you three options to select the speakers just like the tweet reply privacy options.
1. Everyone – Anyone can be speaker
2. People you follow – People you follow on twitter only will be able to speak.
3. Only people you invite – We recommend you to use this option. If you select this option, you will be able to send the speaker request to the people you want via the direct message.

add a speaker
add a speaker

Once you go live with your Space, depending on the above options you chose, people will be able to send you request to be able to speak. You can either approve or decline. If anyone on the speakers list cause problems, the host will have the power to remove them from the space and even report if any foul language is used.
Currently, there’s no limit on the number of listeners joining the space.


1. The main feature of the Space is to be able to participate in an audio discussion of any desired topic with the like minded people.
2. While creating the space, you will be able to add an description not more than 70 words to let people know the topic of the discussion. We highly recommend you to do this to avoid any confusion among the listeners.
3. Once you join the Space, you can either just be a listener or have a chance to be the speaker to express your thoughts.
4. You’ll be able to send the emoji reactions. Have fun using them.
5. If the host is speaking in an different language that you’re not familiar with, you can enable the captions option.


I’ve used the  Twitter Space and I must say I’m impressed with this feature and definitely will be using it again in the future. Hope we covered everything regarding the space. If you have any queries regarding the Space, please comment the query below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the solution.


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