how to quote someone on discord

Quote Someone on Discord- Complete Guide

Discord is a chat application majorly used by gamers all around the world. One can easily create separate servers to interact with a particular community. This app also offers multiple features like voice calling and video calling similar to other messaging apps. Not only that Discord went beyond the line to offer their users to chat in different formatting features like Italics, bold and underlining. This makes the conversations on the app more interesting and engaging among the communities. In this article, we are going to explain in detail about how to quote someone else message on the Discord app.

Even with all these amazing features, Discord is missing one major feature that their users are waiting for a long time. That is being able to quote the messages of other users. Even though this feature is available on all other messaging applications, it is missing in this app. Well, Discord finally added this feature to their app. Now users of this app can quote other user messages easily.

How to Quote someone on Discord:

Irrespective of the device or OS you are using, the process to quote someone on Discord remains the same. Follow the below steps to know how to Quote someone on Discord.

how to quote someone on discord
how to quote someone on discord

How to do Single line quotes on Discord:

When you want to quote a single line where there are no line breaks, then Single line quotes are used. If you want to single-line quote, then open the conversation on the Discord app. Now enter > symbol followed by the space. Enter what you want to say.

single line quote someone on discord
single line quote someone on discord

How to do Multi-line quotes on Discord:

When you want to quote multi-lines on the app, then a Multi-line quote comes in handy. Usually, you can enter > in front of every message you want to quote but repeating this all-time will be annoying and time-consuming as well. If you want to Multi-line quote, do this. Open the app and go to the conversation you want to quote. Now enter >>> and give space. Now enter the message you want to send and click on enter.

If you are using Discord on the desktop, then there is a small difference here. In the desktop version, both > and >>> both serve the same purpose ie., multi-lining quote. If you want to do a single line quote here, then click on Return and then backspace to return back to the normal text message.

quote someone on discord
quote someone on discord

How to quote someone on Discord using code blocks: 

Code blocks was recently added to the Discord app in the recent app update. With the code blocks, you can easily quote someone on the app.

  • If you want to do the Single-line quote. then simply enter this symbol ` at the start of the message and ` after the message as well. Example will look like this – `Example quote` Note that there should not be any space between the symbol and the text.
  • If you want to do the multi-line quote, then simply enter the “` before the text you want to quote and end the quote with the same symbol. An example will look like this – “`Example quote“`

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How to quote someone on Discord using the Bots:

There is an option to quote someone on Discord using the bots. You can just install it on your device and you are ready to go. Please note that this process might be a little technical for normal users. In order to use the bots, you have to download and install them from the Github website.

Use the Citador/Nirewen to simply quote someone on Discord with a single click. Just download it and install it on your device.


That’s it folks. Hope all of your queries regarding on how to quote someone on Discord got clarified. Incase if you have any issues with the above article, please let us know your problems in the comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the best solution. 

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